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Kai Martinsen

发布时间: 2019-02-21


Kai Martinsen is full partner in Int’l Consulting & Training Group, during his initial phase he consulted with business clients in leadership and developed an impact of behaviour management in their companies. He has more than 14 years experience as a management trainer and coach, worked in a range of industries with client groups across the Asia Pacific Region. He also completed several consulting assignments in HRM. Much of his present work with Thomas int’l is focused on experiential training program to improve competence skills, line manager training, DISC profiling and applications in management development and organizational development consultancy. He delivers services not only to int’l companies but also Chinese local companies. He has profound insight of Chinese business development and criteria of local companies. In 2006, Mr. Martinsen was successfully elected as the president of HR Group, so far he was the vice president of HR group & SME Group in EU Chamber.

Mr. Martinsen formulated various HR strategies, in particular for learning and organisational development. His training and consulting services for the management team contributed directly to a very positive business performance, among which are such as Maersk, Ikea, Peak Pacific, Chindex, Nolato, Degussa, Skandia-BSAM, CCHansen, Foss, Innovation, Wet, Asia Base, Dragon Power, TK, Mendi Pharma, Embraer, Metso, Zuellig, SAS, ABX, Novozyes, Sew, Danish Conciliate, IFU etc.